Medigas Oxygen Services admits COVID 19 Pandemic

Please read carefully.

Medigas have had direction now from the Ministry of Health Home Oxygen Program in Ontario regarding setting up oxygen in the homes


Medigas MUST bill the MOH by resident as usual. This is essential in order for Medigas to be able to keep their equipment inventory high and staff going.

If a resident requires oxygen please do the following:

  • Phone your local Medigas location with resident name, room #, DOB, HC# and prescription. Medigas must receive the faxed prescription from the physician or NP, which includes litre flow and hours per day.
  • Due to public health risk and maintaining social distancing, the MOH will allow us to use the RHPs (RN or RPN) documented oximetry test as opposed to Medigas coming into the homes as our staff are traveling from place to place. I have attached the form that they MUST complete at time of ordering. Oximetry is required as proof that the residents SpO2 is less than 88% and qualifies for funding. Palliative residents do not need oximetry sent to us. (We are currently asking the MOH to temporarily waive the need for oximetry)
  • Once Medigas receive the faxed prescription and the completed oximetry form, oxygen will be on its way.
  • This is why it is VERY important to tell Medigas when you have used our spare concentrator. Medigas can replenish that spare when they have the documentation of who is using it.

Stockpiling of oxygen concentrators cannot be allowed.

For Alberta province phone the local Medigas office and request what is needed. The home pays as usual. For Saskatchwan province phone the local Medigas office with resident information and oxygen will be delivered. No testing requirements.

Please reference the attached documents: