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Network Solutions

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Network Advantage

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CERELIA: Seasonal Cookies + Menu Ideas

Dear Customers continue

Our cookie dough is based on traditional homemade recipes, over 35 years of production experience and made with high quality ingredients. continue

Please see attached for seasonal cookies and menu ideas . continue

GAY LEA - Supply interruption

Dear Customers continue

The supply interruption and substitution is expected to be for 5 to 6 weeks minimum. We cannot provide exact dates at this time as we are working with our packaging supplier to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. continue

SUPC 1st Description Brand Sub Item continue

2195218 MILKETTES 2% CDN WHLFARM 5321478 MILKETTES 2% GAY LEA continue

2195362 CREAMER 10% PORTIONS CDN WHLFARM 4451906 CREAMER 10% 9ML GAY LEA continue