Fresh Start Foods May 9 Market Update

** THIS WEEK ** ASPARAGUS- Warming temperatures will bring the volume on quickly this week. We should see our first shipment by Wednesday of this week. -Hayes Haven Farm, Tillsonburg

** THIS WEEK ** FIDDLEHEADS- Fiddleheads have started and will also be available by Wednesday. – Forage Girl Farms, Port Colbourne.

** NEW ** RAMPS/WILD LEEKS- The very short Ontario ramp season has started. Grab these garlicky, onion flavored plants quickly as their season is very short. Sold in 1lb bags. – Various Growers

** NEW ** HOTHOUSE TOMATO- Ontario beefsteak tomato have started. There continues to be red vine and heirloom. See below for full details. – Nature Fresh Farms, Leamington

HOTHOUSE PEPPERS- Red, yellow and orange hothouse pepper production continues to ramp up. Pricing has eased as volume increases. – Nature Fresh Farms, Leamington / St. Davids Hydroponics, St. Davids

EGGPLANT– Ontario hothouse grown eggplant is now available, with light supplies and outstanding quality.

RHUBARB- Ontario greenhouse rhubarb continues light supplies. Pricing will remain high until we transition to field grown in June. As supplies increase, pricing will come down.

WAX TURNIP (RUTABEGA) – Ontario rutabaga continues with good supplies. – Various Growers.

CARROT- Ontario carrots orange carrots are finished for the season. We will continue to have heirloom multi colored carrots for a while. – Gwillimdale Farms, Bradford

ONION- Yellow cooking onions continue but are finishing up quickly. – Gwillimdale Farms, Bradford

MUSHROOMS- Mushrooms markets continue to be extremely active due to the high demand at retail and labor shortages at the farms. This will affect availability and quality on foodservice items, particularly button mushrooms. – Leamington

POTATO– Red, white and Yukon Gold potatoes are available in “A” and “B” sizes.

CABBAGE– Green and red cabbage continue. Savoy is done. Supplies are quality are good. Prices are steady. – Saliba Farms, Acton

APPLES–McIntosh, Empire, Cortland, Red Delicious continue. Royal Gala and Golden Delicious are finished for the season. Prices remain steady. – Norfolk Fruit Growers – Simcoe / Great Northern Orchards

HOTHOUSE LETTUCE- Hydroponic boston supplies are steady with very good quality.

ENGLISH CUCUMBERS– Markets remains steady with Ontario cucumber demanding a premium. Quality is very good. See below for full details. – Great Lakes Farms, Leamington

HOTHOUSE STRAWBERRIES- Ontario hothouse strawberries are available in light supply – Nature Fresh Farms, Leamington


Peeled Garlic: Supplies from China continue to be very tight. As well China is finishing up old crop with new crop expected in late June. Quality is only fair with shorter shelf life. California market is tightening up as California supplies are finished.

Asparagus: Supplies are gapping as Mexican supplies are coming to a close. Oregon, Washington, Ontario and Quebec will take over supplies.

Avocados: Supplies are better this week coming out of Mexico. Markets are lower with better supplies, but this is expected to be short lived.

Green Peppers: Prices are slightly lower. Most growers out of Coachella are now online. Florida has good supply.

Blackberries: Steady supplies are now coming in from Central Mexico and Baja California.

Raspberries: Product is coming from Central Mexico and Baja Mexico. California Production is still a couple of weeks away.

Strawberries: We are past the Mother’s Day pull and fruit is in much better supply.

Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprout supplies continue to be very limited. The heat in Mexico has stunned the growth and has caused crew shortages.

Peeled Baby Carrots: Production on baby carrot packs is still lagging behind demand.

Cauliflower: Quality is very good with increased demand. The cauliflower market is strengthening and will remain active through next


Celery: Stronger demand has made this commodity active in the marketplace. Large sizing, twenty-four counts in particular has the best availability right now.

Limes: Lime prices continue to ease. There are weaker prices on small fruit (230ct/250ct) while large size fruit (110ct/150ct) is priced much higher. Expect this continued trend over the next several weeks.

Oranges: The navel season is winding down. Supplies remain very limited on 113’s and 138’s and some growers are harvesting Valencia’s to cover orders.